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We can assist with all your insurance needs. Business or personal insurance we have the insurers and cover to suit.


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insurance4dentists can assist with all your insurance needs. Whether it's your business or personal insurance we have the insurers and cover to suit.

The insurance4dentists team has over 100 years insurance experience and the aim is to provide professional insurance products and advice to dentists across the UK.

Why Choose Us

Here are just five reasons for making us your choice:

1. Most importantly, we are specialists, only dealing with Dentists. So we know a lot about you and what you want from your insurance protection.

2. Unlike some other non-specialist brokers we handle virtually all the important aspects of your policy and can assist you at every step of your professional life whether that's arranging insurance for you first practice or you have a let property which requires insurance cover.


3. We ensure the insurers we use deal with claims and we ensure that they are dealt with fairly and quickly meaning whatever the circumstance you can back on your feet.

4. We work with Industry specialists. You only have to look as far as the individuals within the 4dentists group.


5. We offer a wide range of specialist insurance products including: Medical Indemnity Insurance, Locum Insurance, Surgery Insurance, Laboratory Insurance, Practice Overheads Insurance, Property Owners Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance and much more…..

Our Services

Practice Insurance

At insurance4dentists we understand how important it is for a busy practice to be properly protected and this is why we do not offer standard office policies or 'high street advice'. Instead, we have spent time sourcing a quality selection of specialist policies ensuring we can offer an excellent choice at a competitive price. Our wide-coverage surgery insurance can be tailored to meet your practice insurance needs and the following covers can be included:

Standard Surgery Insurance Covers

  • Contents Insurance

  • Computers Insurance

  • Public & Employers Liability Insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Legal Expenses Insurance

  • Money Insurance

Optional Surgery Insurance Covers

  • Buildings Insurance

  • Terrorism Insurance

  • Surgery Loss Assist

Our Insurance Service

As an insurance broker dedicated to offering a genuine broking experience we have a large panel of insurance providers whom we utilise fully when searching for the best deal for you on your practice insurance.

Our aim is to offer our client's choice; quality and a service second to none all at a competitive price.


Practice Insurance

Medical Indemnity Insurance

At insurance4dentists we have a range of niche professional medical indemnity insurance policies to suit the risks you face day to day in your particular profession.

Some defence organisations offer this cover on a discretionary basis which means you don't really know if you are covered until an incident actually occurs. Now is a good time get contractual certainty and peace of mind. I'm sure you will agree this also makes good business sense!

Obtaining Insurance Cover

  • Refused or declined cover by the likes of the defence unions?

  • Received complaints, claims, terms or had conditions applied?

  • Are you a foreign national new to the UK?

  • Has your premium or subscription substantially increased?

  • Are you simply looking for contact certainty and a reduction in premium?

We have a number of insurance markets with varying appetites for medical indemnity. Which means no matter your circumstance we should have an underwriter who will be able to assist. We can even assist if you have a short term contract and include run-off cover.

We can provide cover against allegations or claims of professional negligence. We can also provide protection for certain aesthetic procedures such as botox and dermal fillers.

Without medical malpractice insurance, you run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities such as:


  • Misdiagnosis

  • Neglect

  • Bodily Injury

  • Mental Injury

  • Duty of Care

  • Error or Omission

  • Good Samaritan Act

  • Loss of or damage to tangible property

  • and many more...

We can also provide very competitive quotations for foreign nationals new to the UK as well as individuals who have been refused or declined cover by the likes of the defence unions (MDU, DDU, MPS, DP).

We are increasingly seeing clients who have been refused cover elsewhere. We will work with you to ensure you are receiving the very best in respect of insurance cover and premium. We do have a number of Indemnity markets available to us so please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Medical Indemnity Insurance

Home Insurance

Some household policies can be complex to organise, and who better to ensure your home and valuables are safely covered than insurance4dentists?

If you have some unique possessions, antiques, art work and jewellery all of which carry a higher value then a standard insurance policy might not be suitable. You need to be able to talk to someone with experience and knowledge about the cover that you require and All Med Pro can offer you the cover, advice and service you need.

With high value (or high net worth) home insurance, service is key. A good insurance broker can help take some of the stress and time consumption out of the experience for you. We look after a variety of high value clients who trust us with looking after their portfolio of insurances including their home insurance. Why? At insurance4dentists we pride ourselves on providing this high quality service and having the extensive knowledge of these policies to support our clients in sourcing correct cover and in the event of a claim.

Every client requirement is different and we can create bespoke policies to suit the individual's needs. To enable us to do this effectively, we have sourced several specialist insurers providing a variety of policy wordings which gives us a competitive edge in the market.

We look after many different types of clients ranging from medical professionals to celebrities and having this variety provides us with great first-hand experience of what is required from a high value home insurance policy.

We can arrange household insurance for:

  • High net worth individuals

  • Thatched properties

  • Large country houses

  • Listed buildings

  • “Buy to let” properties

  • Holiday Homes (including abroad)

  • Buildings of non-standard construction

  • Properties which have previously suffered from subsidence

  • Properties undergoing (or about to undergo) construction works


Home Insurance

Property Owners Insurance

As the freeholder your premises represents a substantial investment that should be adequately protected by a Property Owners Insurance policy.

We can provide you with a vast range of cover for you property:

  • Buildings Insurance

  • Landlords Contents Insurance

  • Accidental Damage cover

  • Loss of Rent Cover

  • Property Owners Liability Cover

  • Cover for both residential and commercial properties

  • Properties held in trust

  • Cover for property management companies


Property Insurance

Practice Overheads/Locum Cover

What is Practice Overheads Insurance?

Staff within your practice may have income protection (or Permanent Health Insurance) to cover their own loss of earnings, but this might not offer the practice financial support or assistance in meeting its UDA requirements.

At insurance4dentists we offer cover for both your practice overheads and also for the costs of hiring a locum following an accident or illness to the insured person. Accidents and illnesses are not something anyone wants to think about but it is important to plan for all of life's eventualities.

Practice Overheads Insurance is a policy, which offers financial support in the absence of partners, associates and any other key member of the practice. Following a claim, the selected weekly benefit can be used to cover the fixed business expenses of the business.

The difficulty comes when calculating the amount of benefit required. You need to take into consideration the individuals overall contribution to the practice income, the proportion of that individuals expenses as well as any continuing income which will be received during their absence.

Like a traditional Locum Insurance policy, this type of overheads policy can also cover the costs of a locum as well as additional overtime by other staff members who look to fill the gap by the absent member of the team.

Why do I need this type of Practice Overheads Insurance?

There are many factors which affect the practices need for Practice Overheads. The need is completely dependent on the type of practice you run and the staffing structure.

An NHS practice with a UDA commitment needs to consider the costs of employing a locum as without this cover the business runs the risk of failing to meet that UDA commitment or the headache of sourcing the additional funding to employ a locum. A typical NHS practice should expect to pay an average of £350.00 per day to hire a locum to service a contract of 30 UDAs per day. In most cases, it is likely that the PCT would require you to have Locum cover in place to ensure you can fulfil your contract in the event of an accident or sickness to a key member of staff.

With a private dental practice you do have the choice of how you deal with an absence of a key member in the way you feel is the most beneficial to the practice. Private practices sometimes opt for practice overheads insurance to provide cover for the insured dentist's proportion of the businesses fixed expenses. With shorter periods of absence, private practices sometimes prefer not to go through the process of employing a locum. A practice overheads policy will also allow the dentist to maintain that personal contact with the patient.

When purchasing a new practice, whether you are an NHS or Private practice, many finance companies and banks require Locum or Overheads cover as a pre-condition of any loan or a mortgage. This provides the finance company with the security that if the insured dentist is absent from the practice for a period of time following an accident or illness that they will still be able to meet their financial commitments and their UDA obligations.

No Proposal needs to be completed


Additional Questions

How long does this type of insurance pay out for?

 The duration for these types of cover is 12 months and renewable on an annual basis.

What is the age limit for Practice Overheads Insurance?

We can provide over for those between the ages of 18-65. Those aged over 65 may requirespecial consideration from underwriters.

What about the excess period on Practice Overheads Insurance?

The excess period is the point at which the benefit becomes payable. The longer the excess period, the lower the premium will be. We can provide you with a standard 14 day excess with the option to increase to 28 days, 42 days, 56 days, 84 days and 156 days.

How much does this cover cost?

Our premiums are not age rated and are based on the sum insured required. Premiums are very competitive so please contact us.

What is the tax position?

You may be eligible for tax relief on the premiums as a business expense of the practice.


"An almost complete refit of the Bungalow after major fire damage was undertaken through insurers managed by insurance4dentists.

This involved an entirely new kitchen, new bathroom, new heating system, full electricalrewiring, etc. The project began swiftly by the loss adjuster and run efficiently by all involved including the building contractors.

The end result is a magnificent new home updated to the most recent engineering standards."

Elvin Nix

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