Richard T Lishman

Group Managing Director of 4dentists Group

Managing Director of money4dentists

Richard who is from North Yorkshire moved to the Midlands over 20 years ago to start his career in Financial Services. He set up practice in the 90's and subsequently co-founded 'money4dentists' which is a multi award winning firm and is widely recognised as the leading specialist IFA to dentists. Richard is well known within dentistry and has a Yorkshireman's passion for saving money and tax, and passes on this valuable knowledge to clients.

We are regarded as the leading specialist IFA’s to dentists in the UK, and since our latest award includes Europe, who knows where tomorrow will take us!
- Richard T Lishman -

How it began

After setting up an IFA firm in the 90’s I wanted to provide the best possible service to a specific group rather than just be generic advisers. After researching many professions from doctors, vets and even professional rugby players, dentists shone out from the crowd. Dentists tend to be entrepreneurial, educated and high earning professionals with complex finances due to them having multiple income sources, and varying work patterns. This provided us with the variety needed to ensure we would continue to enjoy our work in helping dentists with their financial planning throughout their careers.

My Passion

Richard's passion for helping clients gave him the idea to set up a "one stop" shop and that is where the 4dentists group was formed offering professional services incorporating advice on legal, tax, consultancy, practice sales & acquisitions, recruitment, insurance and training. As Group Managing Director, Richard spends time educating the dental community lecturing around the UK as well as contributing regularly to the dental press on topics such as the Budget to the latest tax and financial changes. Richard is also a member of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD).

Our Legacy

Since setting up money4dentists we strive to provide the best customer service and ongoing financial and business advice. The whole teams efforts are rewarded year on year by achieving success with the many accolades awarded to money4dentists, dating back over 2 decades. We are proud to have recently picked up another accolade to add to our list of achievements by winning the “Best Financial Advisory Firm” in the UK Finance awards. This joins awards from previous years (“Best Dental Services Financial Advisory Service 2019” and “Best Dental Industry Financial Advisers 2020”) to prove our commitment to providing world-class services for dentists.

Richard T Lishman


Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists

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