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Specialist IFAs

money4dentists are specialist independent financial advisers to dentists

Dentists throughout the UK rely on us to help them with their financial planning whether it is purchasing their first practice or preparing for retirement. As we deal with clients across the whole age spectrum we have the benefit of hindsight and have helped many dentists realise their financial and lifestyle goals.


Based in the heart of the financial district in Birmingham we are ideally positioned to advise dentists across the country. Our Financial Planners have over 30 years experience between them in the profession and have established an excellent reputation with their clients for clear, concise and money saving ideas.


It is crucial to our clients that their affairs are administered efficiently and we're lucky enough to have an excellent admin team.


Product innovation has never been as fast as it is today and with government legislation and taxes changing frequently it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with such a fast moving & dynamic marketplace. To cope with this we have invested heavily in technology to ensure that we are in a position to monitor all that is available and advise our clients accordingly. For example, one of the software systems we use gives us access to over 32,000 financial products on one database!


Tied or Independent?

There are several different types of adviser authorised to deal with the public. It is frequently mentioned in the press that it is best to seek advice from independent advisers, as their level of expertise and competence is usually higher than that of an adviser who can only sell the products of one company.

Advisers can be broken down into categories.

tied agents.png

Tied Agents

A tied agent is someone who may trade under his or her own name (Bloggs & Co), running their firm in exactly the same way as any other small business. However, the business involves selling exclusively one company's range of products that may vary from excellent to indifferent to poor. You can spot whether an adviser is tied or independent by what is shown on their business card. A tied agent's will state (often in very small print) that he or she is only able to advise on the products of one company.

Multi-Tied Advisers

Multi-tied advisers can offer advice from a limited number of providers. Whilst Multi-tied panels can offer a good spread of products and options for a client, by their very nature, the range of options can be restrictive.

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Independent Financial Advisers (IFA)

independent financial advisers.png

Independent Financial Advisers (IFA)

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are the only type of financial advisers who are able to select from all the products available in the marketplace - making sure you get the right product for your individual needs.

IFAs are bound to the Financial Conduct Authority rules, which obliges them to provide advice most suited to your personal requirements and your risk outlook. When financial products are recommended they must take into account the benefits provided, charges, flexibility, service and financial strength.

All IFAs must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are obliged to offer what is termed 'suitable advice'. This means that they have to gain a full understanding of your circumstances and requirements before helping to choose any financial products (they will record your information so you can double-check that they really have understood).

In addition, when recommending a product all financial advisers have to provide written reasons why they think that it is right for you - again to make sure that you are fully informed before committing yourself to anything. IFA's must offer you the choice between paying for advice by commission or by paying a fee or a combination of the two.

Independent advisers can be broken down further:



These advisers have a broad understanding of general financial issues. They tend to deal with individuals from various career backgrounds and therefore are not able to give occupation specific advice. They may also arrange general insurance such as buildings and contents cover and motor insurance.



Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are the only type of financial advisers who are able to select from all the products available in the marketplace - making sure you get the right product for your individual needs.

It is important to know that the person you deal with is fully independent. Many dentists become clients at the early stages of their careers. This is the time when they are buying most of their financial products. It is vital you know how you are paying for the advice you are receiving and how you will be charged in the future. You will have the choice of fees or commission.

For pure protection insurance, we offer products from a range of insurers.

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