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We provide a new approach and better service to dental professionals seeking to sell or buy a dental practice. 


Paul Holborn

Paul Holborn

Paul started his career as an Oil and Gas Engineer, moving in to the staffing industry in 1994. Since then Paul has worked across multiple industry sectors, the last 12 of which being spent in the Dental sector.


A director of Blue Sky People Ltd, Paul also heads up our industry leading job board – careers4dentists – part of the expanding Dental Jobs Group network which includes the job boards for BADN, BADT, and other leading industry names. 

Receive advice on buying and selling Dental Practices in this Year's Financial Market.


Welcome to


We believe we provide a unique service to our dental clients that sets us apart from our competitors due to:

  • The level of service we provide through our continuous involvement in managing the sale or purchase process from the initial idea to completion, finding practices for clients to buy and providing personalised consultancy advice.

  • Our availability to our dental clients (not just 9 to 5 Monday to Friday)

  • The vast experience of our senior management team

  • Our contacts and relationships with our sister companies in the 4dentsts group including financial services and guidance, accountancy and tax services, legal services and recruitment services.

At practices4dentists one of our senior management team will personally handle the services we provide to the dental sector. Together we have the right blend of skills, experience and knowledge to offer a service that is efficient, personal, confidential, informed and proactive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0845 345 5060.

Why Choose Us

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What do we do

At practices4dentists we provide a new approach and better service to dental professionals seeking to sell or buy a dental practice. We believe we are different from our competitors in a number of areas…

Scope of our service – we manage the sale and purchase of dental practices from the initial idea to getting the signatures on the dotted line of a completed contract.

Availability – unlike others, client contact with practices4dentists is not limited to 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

Experience – we know how important experienced advisors are to clients and we have dental professionals and commercial sale and purchase and fund raising experts within our senior management team who will personally manage the sale or purchase of your dental practice.

Contacts – Our relationships with other parts of the money4dentists group provide access to all the other professional specialists who may be needed in the sale or purchase of a Dental Practice.

We manage the dental practice sale process:

  • Value the dental practice and prepare a full sale prospectus

  • Market the dental practice (web site and adverts in professional journals)

  • Obtain confidentiality undertakings

  • Coordinate practice visits and meetings

  • Manage potential buyers offers process

  • Assist vendor in identifying preferred buyer

  • Assist vendor in completing the sale agreement

We manage the dental practice buying process:

  • Agree buyers requirements

  • Use database, search, approach practices which meet buyers parameters

  • Valuation of goodwill, assets, etc.

  • Coordinate practice visits and meetings

  • Negotiate on behalf of buyer if required

  • Assist buyer with due diligence process

  • Assist buyer in completing the purchase agreement


Richard T Lishman

Group Managing Director of 4dentists Group

Richard spends time educating the dental community lecturing around the UK as well as contributing regularly to the dental press on topics such as the Budget to the latest tax and financial changes. Richard is also a member of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD).

Our Services

Selling a practice
Summary of Practice Sale Process

Phase 1 : Preparatory Work

  • Visit(s) to practice (as/if appropriate)

  • Goodwill valuation (based on information provided by client)

  • Valuation of Equipment and Fixtures and Fittings (if required)

  • Valuation of Goodwill

  • Preparation of a Valuation Report

  • Recommending and agreeing a marketing strategy

Phase 2 : Marketing and Managing the Sale Process

  • Preparing a Sale Prospectus

  • Marketing

    • Identifying potential buyers (specific & general)

    • Preparing marketing proposals

    • Marketing the practice in appropriate media & via our website

  • Liaising with Vendors other advisors as necessary

  • Assisting in the preparation of due diligence information

  • Managing the sale process:

    • Obtaining Confidentiality Agreements from potential buyers

    • Distributing Sale Prospectuses

    • Maintaining a sale progress monitoring schedule

    • Arranging meetings with/practice visits by buyers

    • Attending meetings with potential buyers as required

    • Managing the due diligence procedures

    • Managing the potential buyers offers process

    • Assisting Vendors in identifying preferred purchaser

    • Preparing Heads of Agreement

    • Assisting Vendors in completing the Sale Agreement


Selling a Practice

Finding practices to buy

Our expert team have a wealth of experience in evaluating acquisitions targets, however increasingly clients request a bespoke "findingpractices4dentists" which involves a more proactive direct marketing approach. 

This service involves developing a bespoke targeted marketing campaign, focusing on appropriate locations, practice demographics and other key factors and directly approaching prospective sellers with an accurate and attractive buyer profile.

If you are a first time buyer, finding a competitive market a daunting prospect, or an experienced practice owner, looking for strategic expansion opportunities, contact our specialist team for a discrete discussion about how we can assist you.

Practice Finding

Consultancy services

We have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in providing consultancy advice to clients including:

  • Advice on a proposed change of ownership of a practice.

  • Assisting first time buyers with the commercial issues involved.

  • Carrying out commercial due diligence for buyers.

Consultancy Services

Practices for sale

practices4dentists is not a traditional sales agent. As experts within the dental sector, we work exclusively with both sellers and buyers to identify unique qualities which both parties are looking for.

In particular our client base is focussed on continuity of customer/patient care and brand protection as well as the financial structure of any deal.

Please contact us for more information on the services we offer.


Practices for Sale

Buying a practice

While the majority of “sales agents” are focused on the transaction process of selling a practice, our specialist team are here to assist you through the acquisitions process itself.


We assist buyers through all aspects of the acquisition process, from negotiating with sellers and agents, due diligence, assessment and survey of equipment, raising finance, legal & HR advice and support as well as business planning.


Whatever support you need, the 4dentists group has an unrivalled team of experts to assist you at every stage of the process.


Practice valuations

We have a tried and proven procedure for valuing covering a number of situations including:

  • Changes in a practice ownership e.g. one partner buying the other one(s) out, an Associate buying the practice etc.

  • Valuations as part of the change to a limited company structure.

  • Valuations for clients interested in buying a practice but need an independent valuation.


"Having recently gone through the process of selling a Dental Practice aided by practices4dentists I am pleased to report that the senior representative engaged discharged his duties in a responsible and professional manner and diligently proffered advice throughout the procurement of potential purchasers and the negotiations that followed.

The level of commitment to contact throughout the transaction was above and beyond normal office hours and this expedited the whole process to a satisfactory completion.

I can unreservedly endorse practices4dentists as an agent engaged in the selling of a Dental Practice."


Get in Touch

Practices4dentists - Book a free consultation

Book a complimentary initial consultation with one of our specialists, they will provide:

A Growth Questionnaire to outline your needs

Our specialist will then advise and evaluate what is best for you

We will then recommend next steps

Telephone: 0845 345 5060 or 0754 3368478


Email: or use the online form.​


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