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We work with over 120 practice owners over the past 17 years

Welcome to consultancy4dentists

For all your consulting needs

Our expert marketing consultants, led by Steve Davey and Trevor Mallon, advise and support clients throughout the UK including orthodontic practices, implant centres, endodontists, periodontists, dental & facial spas, boutique practices and other dental industry businesses.

Having worked with over 120 professional practice owners over the past 17 years we specialise in helping practices to realise their true potential.

Whether by developing robust business plans and defining marketing strategies to providing on-going non-exec support and mentoring key people in the business we ensure your practice succeeds in an ever changing UK healthcare market.


Steve Davey

Steve Davey

Steve's passion for applying his coaching and consulting skills across the full range of 'road blocks' practice owners typically encounter shines through, enabling principals, practice managers and dental teams to achieve the breakthroughs they seek.

Why Choose Us

Renowned as a practice growth specialist with 17 years healthcare marketing experience, Steve Davey is widely recognised as an innovative, thought-provoking consultant and coach in the dental arena.

From advising and directing prestigious international healthcare accounts such as Smith & Nephew, Bausch & Lomb and Roche Diagnostics to founding and developing Smile Marketing, the national dental marketing agency, Steve has led numerous change management programmes and launched and re-launched many dental practices.

From reviewing your business, with you, he'll help you unlock the potential wealth in your practice and guide you on a successful mission that adds value to your business and improves the treatment journey and experience of your patients.

Smile Marketing
Smith & Nephew
Bausch + Lomb

Trevor came to the dental sector around 6 years ago when he began working closely with Steve on a number of existing dental clients. He brings to the sector over 20 years of marketing and branding experience gained at an impressive list of highly respected and revered consumer brands such as Virgin, British Airways and T-Mobile to name a few.

He specialises in applying the fundamentals of building strong, customer focused dental brands into to the dental sector and works closely with practice owners and managers to ensure they truly understand what patients value in their relationship with their dentist, what motivates patients during the buying process and how to ensure the practice stands out in an increasingly competitive environment.

In addition, Trevor provides clients with advice on ways of improving new patient acquisition – from developing an effective marketing plan and media selection right through to how to write compelling messaging.

Trevor Mallon

Trevor Mallon

Since working together Trevor has advised a wide range of dental businesses - from established practices looking for ways to move their business forward to start-ups trying to establish their place in the local community.


Richard T Lishman

Group Managing Director of 4dentists Group

Richard spends time educating the dental community lecturing around the UK as well as contributing regularly to the dental press on topics such as the Budget to the latest tax and financial changes. Richard is also a member of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD).

Our Packages

Who is it for?

Principals, owners, entrepreneurs, potential practice investors…

  • You may be seeking investment or grant funding.

  • You’re certainly ready to turn your practice into a flourishing business

  • You might be stood at a crossroads with your practice

  • You most definitely want to accelerate growth and gain a commercial edge

What do I get?
  1. An independent and impartial evaluation of your business from specialist dental experts

  2. An agreed Business Plan – think of it as your step-by-step roadmap to growth

  3. Resource planning – breaking down what you need in order to achieve what you want

  4. Expert insight into how you can bolster your revenue from your patient list, increase memberships and boost the sales of your most profitable treatments

  5. Initiatives to increase ‘chair time’ for you, your associates and hygienists

  6. Recommended cost reduction schemes

How does it work?

Three concrete steps. Three tangible outcomes that will deliver business growth.

Step 1


First things first – we’ll give you the peace of mind of complete confidentiality by signing an NDA. Then, over half a day; we’ll dig into your objectives and explore:

  • Where you are financially, where you want to be and the timescale

  • Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

  • Your ideal treatment sales

  • What sets your practice apart from the competition

  • The resources you have to hand – premises, people, technology and equipment

Step 2

Draft your Business Plan

Now we’ll set about draftingyour Plan.

It will include:

  • A top line growth strategy to include your vision and growth ambitions

  • Financial planning - including budgets, P&L, cash flow forecast and break even analysis

  • Pricing structure

  • Treatment sales and occupancy analysis

  • Identify ‘game changers’ and key success criteria

  • Team and resource planning

Step 3

Discuss and Refine

Third and finally – you’ll confirm you’re happy and we’ll ensure that your
Business Plan reflects your ambitions and objectives. It will include:

  • Further discussion refinement (F-2-F or Skype)

  • Agree the Business Plan

  • Set milestones and KPIs for review


2-year Business Plan​

1-year cash flow

Business scorecard detailing agreed KPIs – ensuring that your growth stays on track

Practice = £3,375 incl. VAT

2 Practices = £4,450 incl. VAT

3+ Practices = POA

2 months

Let’s get started - call 01626 897 713

or email

C4 Business Planning
How long does it take?
My investment?
C4 Practice Growth
Who is it for?

Our practice growth package is for ambitious owners and prinicipals who are looking to grow their business – whether by increasing surgery occupancy, increasing the mix of high value patients, expanding their existing practice or buying a new practice.

How does it work?

Step 1

Research & Analysis

Getting under the skin

Analyse your patient database

  • How recent?

  • How frequent?

  • What value?

Patient Mapping Analysis

  • Where do your patients live?

  • Where are there gaps locally?


- Competitor Analysis​

- Full review of your brand

- Review your current and past marketing

- Review treatment sales

- Audit your team structure and their skills

Step 2

Strategy Development

Setting the direction

Agreeing the vision for your practice

Setting the business objectives

Develop marketing strategies that:

  • build a stronger practice brand

  • raise the profile of your practice

  • increase the number of new patients

  • build referrals

  • increase revenue from your existing patient base

Create unique selling points & messaging for your practice

Step 3

Marketing Planning

Planning for practice growth

  • Explore all the local media opportunities

  • Uncover ‘outside the box’ patient acquisition ideas

  • Agree your marketing budget

  • Develop your 12 month marketing plan

  • Negotiate your media spend

  • Create an initial 90 day ‘Action Plan’ to kick start your marketing

How long does it take?
My investment?

£5,950 incl. VAT

1 - 2 months

Let’s get started - call 01626 897 713

or email

What do I get?
  •  A greater understanding of your business and how to grow it

  • Deeper insight into your patient base and where the hidden value is

  • The vision, strategy and action plan to achieve your growth ambitions

Who is it for?

For dental practitioners or entrepreneurial investors looking to launch a new dental practice or purchase an existing one and who are looking for an independent assessment on the real
potential of the new business.

What do I get?

A written ‘feasibility’ report that answers the following 5 questions;

  1. Is it the right area?

    • Profile the local population using ONS, Census data and Segmentation tools

    • Assess the demand for NHS and private dentistry

    • Analyse the potential catchment area for patients

  2. Is it the right practice? (when considering the purchase of a going concern)

    • Analysis of the existing patient base (when available)

    • Review the existing brand and marketing

    • Analysis of the current treatment offering and pricing

    • Review the premises and customer focus, including mystery shopping

  3. Can you compete (and how)?

    • Review the local competition

    • Identify what makes you different (USPs) and why patients will choose you

    • Identify key media opportunities

  4. What are the key factors that will determine your success?

  5. Should you go ahead?

    • The positives

    • The challenges

    • Our conclusions

C4 Practice Selector
How does it work?

Once you have decided where you’d like your new practice to be or a potential practice to purchase that’s when our work begins.

Having worked with over 100 dental practices across the UK we are uniquely placed to provide you with a totally objective analysis of the real business opportunity.

Using statistical research and our years of experience - with both private and mixed practices of all sizes - we’ll create an in-depth report with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How long does it take?
My investment?

£2,450 incl. VAT

2 - 4 weeks

Who is it for?

Principals or owners who are looking to create a stronger brand for their business to help them stand out from the crowd.

You may be looking to reinvigorate your current brand image for today’s patients. Equally, you may be launching a new practice or even expanding your network of practices and looking to establish a strong group brand.

Brand Development
What do I get?
  • Strong, engaging proposition for your business

  • Logo and supporting strapline (where applicable)

  • Supporting imagery, iconography, colour palette, fonts

  • Brand guidelines – to apply across all patient literature, website, advertising and social media

  • Key selling messages

  • 3 examples of how brand applied e.g. stationery, poster, Facebook page

How long does it take?
My investment?

£2,175 incl. VAT

2 - 4 weeks

Branding and Literature
What do I get?
  • Brand Development PLUS

  • All design & copywriting for the following

    • Practice brochure (up to 6 pages)

    • Internal marketing posters (x4) & ‘A’ Board posters (x2)

    • Stationery – business cards, letterhead, appointment card

    • Recommend-a-friend card

    • Medical History Form

    • Dentist profile sheets (up to 4 Clinicians)

    • Specialist t reatment leaflets (x2)


Please note - printing costs not included

How long does it take?
My investment?

£3,675 incl. VAT

4 – 6 weeks

Let’s get started - call 01626 897 713

or email

C4 branding
How does it work?

We’ll take a good hard look at your current business, where you are now and where you want to be and help you to articulate what makes you different.

Together we will then formulate a winning proposition for your practice and create a strong, distinctive brand that you will feel proud of and that will have real resonance with your target patients.

What do people say about us?

" It’s great to work with them. They are professional people who know the dental market well and are very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to improve their marketing or get more patients."


Dr Olga Palmer
Gold’s Place Dental

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