Daily Press Briefing

Today saw the return of Boris Johnson after more than three weeks off sick. Speaking
outside Downing Street this morning the PM urged people not to lose patience with the
lockdown restrictions, saying that he refuses to throw away the efforts of th...

Daily Press Briefing

Today’s update from Downing Street was delivered by Foreign Secretary Dominc Raab, as
he deputises for Boris Johnson as the PM continues to convalesce. Mr Raab was joined by
Chris Whitty and General Sir Nick Carter, the chief of the defence staff,...

Daily Press Briefing

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered today’s press conference. Much of the update featured
around the procurement issues of PPE, on which the government has been criticised. It
was stated that every possible option is being pursued for the procurement...

Daily Press Briefing

Alok Sharma, Business Secretary, headed todays press conference. Mr Sharma reiterated
yesterdays’ message that the lockdown measures will continue for at least a further three
weeks and that a sustained and consistent fall in cases needs to be seen...

Daily Press Breif:

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab delivered todays press update. As predicted, the update
focused around the lockdown being extended for at least a further three weeks. It was
stated that infection rates have not fallen as much as they need to and that a...

Daily Press Briefing

Today delivered by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Mr Hancock started today by
thanking those staying at home and stated that the UK is slowing the virus, adding that
spare NHS capacity has reached 2,657 beds and commenting that the UK has been...


a) This agreement is a variation to your contract of employment, designed to implement and take advantage of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the Scheme).

b) Furlough Leave is a period of leave agreed between the Compa...

1. What does it mean to take Furlough Leave?

-If you agree to take Furlough Leave, you will not be able to carry out any work for us at all during the period of your Leave. We will pay you in accordance with the Furlough Agreement. This will allow you to receive 80% of...

Daily Press Briefing

Delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Chancellor was keen to state that the UK’s strategy
is not about choosing between people’s health and the health of the economy, as questions
were asked regarding the review of the restrictions. Latest slides fr...


For dentists in Wales, we have heard that the CDO, Dr Colette Bridgman, has confirmed that mixed-contract practice owners are eligible for government-backed financial support for the private
 element of the business for April, May and June.

Should you...

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