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Learn how to make the most of your Dental Team with our expert training advice!

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We believe that the beating heart of every successful dental practice is a 'whole team culture' in which every team member is keen to make an extraordinary contribution to the business.

Many business owners understand that as the team leader they need to energise their people - but find this difficult because they are overwhelmed by demands of running their business.


We ensure the best trainers are selected for the individual needs of our clients.

We will help you to visualise the practice you would like to create. Then we will train and motivate your people to be a driving force that turns the vision into reality. We are a team of experienced dental professionals with the expertise and passion for creating extraordinary dental teams and outstanding dental businesses. 

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Thompson and Thomas are one of Sheffield's foremost practices with two sites. One of their sites is a mixed Private/ NHS practice, and the other site provides training for F1 Training and Outreach students. Their relationship with Glenys Bridges goes back over 15 years during which time she has provided a variety of training and development services, including:

- BTEC Management Qualifications
- Reception training
- Care/Treatment coordinator training

Practice manager Jane Armitage says,

"During the first six months of implementing the Care-coordinator role the private treatment income increased by 30k comparable period in the previous year . With the introduction of the Care Quality Commission the Care -coordinator played a significant part in patient communication and the patient experience and ensures patients understand the fees incurred as well as other aspects of securing their fully informed consent. In short this role allows the practice to give extra care and service to our patients.

Nobody can walk into the practice manager's role without training expecting to know it all. Dentistry doesn't work like that. The role needs foundations which you can build upon; it is not a role that you automatically know what to do.

I personally feel that all Managers should receive training to qualification level, not only does it benefit the Manager but is a win-win for the Practitioner. 

What our clients say

What our clients say


"Thanks to training4dentists we were the first practice in the Yorkshire to offer care coordination, a service which as contributed greatly to our customer-focus, staff retention and profitability"

Jane Armitage, Thompson and Thomas

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