Updates from us this evening

We have recently been introduced to a Business Interruption Insurance expert who has
had a lot of success with claims for dental practice owners.

They operate on a no win, no fee basis, so it’s a no brainer really, especially for principals
getting nowhere with their claims.

In summary, they:

  •  Looks at the policy without charge

  •  Advise whether there is potential to claim

  •  Manage the claims process

  •  Negotiate with the insurance company

  •  Achieves payment on account (as the full extent of losses are not yet known)

  •  And charge 10% of recovered monies.

If this is of interest, please let me know and I will arrange for them to make contact to
discuss things further.
I have also been made aware this week that employment legislation has been amended
to state that any holiday which cannot be taken this year because of the coronavirus
situation, can be carried over into the next two holiday years and until 2022. This means
that any holiday accrued by employees is not lost and gives the business the opportunity
to manage holiday requests so there isn’t a shortage of staff as business reopen.

Daily Press Briefing

Todays briefing is being led by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, along with Chris Whitty,
the Chief Medical Officer and Professor John Newton, who co-ordinates the national testing
effort. Mr Hancock today said that the Covid Alert Level is still at a 4 but the country is
getting into a position to move to Level 3, claiming real progress is being made. With the
looming Bank Holiday, people have been asked to renew collective efforts and to stay at
home as much as possible. Breaking news from the press conference was that a faster
form of swab testing is being trialled from today. This test could give a result in just 20

10 million antibody tests have been promised. The results of government study suggest
that around 17% of people in London and 5% of the rest of the country have tested
positive for antibodies. The government have signed a contract to supply more than 10
million tests over the next few months. People who test positive for coronavirus antibodies
will be told what they are able and unable to do, saying that it is importnant to stay one
step ahead of the virus. The R infection rate is still below the level of one, said Chris Whitty
today, meaing that the virus is still declining rather than growing. A question was raised
regarding social distancing over Eid. Matt Hanock thanked the Muslim community’s
observation of social distancing during Ramadan and urged pople to do the same for Eid.
Mr Hancock said that a track and trace system is on target for delivery by 1st June.

New Bulletin – 21st May 2020

C19 Update from the last few days

Reported in the Financial Times is that the government hopes to extend the three-month
mortgage holiday and is liaising with banks and regulators. More than 1.6 million
customers have taken advantage of the scheme. As it stands currently, the first applicants
who applied to the scheme would see the payment holiday ending in June. One idea
currently is that mortgage payment holidays could be extended for a further 3 months.
However, as with all payment holidays, this does not come for free and will be added to
the total balance outstanding.

Much debate continues over reopening of English primary schools from 1st June. Many
councils have feed back that they will not be ready to reopen for June. Also, the teaching
union is keeping its stance that reopening of schools on this date is impractical and

Yesterday Superdrug were in the news as becoming the latest business to sell a
commercial antibody test for £69. The NHS have claimed that they have reservations for
the use of such test and have warned people in England against using. NHS England
medical director Professor Stephen Powis has issued caution for using commercial tests as
it is not yet known how reliable they may be.

Scientists in the US have advised that governments should not be hoping for a successful
vaccine being developed anytime soon. But have stated that the virus could still be
controlled without an effective vaccine by identifying infections, finding contacts who have
been exposed and isolating them.

A trial has started in Oxford and Brighton to see if two anti-malarial drugs could prevent
Covid-19. Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine or a placebo will be given to 40,000
healthcare workers, all of whom are staff and in contact with Covid-19 patients. Early this
week US President Donald Trump said that he has been taking the drug, despite warnings
that it could be unsafe.

Further lifting of lockdown has been taking place around the globe. Todays front pages
were full of packed out beaches given yesterdays beautiful weather and showed flocks of
people heading for the coast. Over in France authorities have reclosed several beaches in
Brittany after seeing behaviour outside that of what is allowed under their current
lockdown measures. Ascension Day, a public holiday in many European countries, is
sparking concerns that additional movement over the holiday could result in an increase
of cases. Cyprus has announced an end to its many lockdown measures with outdoor areas
for restaurants and pubs to reopen on Thursday along with services such as hairdressers
and parks and playgrounds.



New Bulletin – 21st May 2020

Daily update on the UK market



Summary of possible influences on the markets today


  • Further growth of COVID-19 cases in Northern China, but not enough to be considered a second wave yet.

  •  Antagonistic rhetoric between the USA and China continues.

  • The Bank of England has reiterated that it is not ruling out negative interest ates.




Should you have any concerns or questions, we are here for our clients and will happily
arrange a telephone or video call appointment to provide guidance, please either call our
practice mobile 07543 368 478 or email to arrange your



We are here to work through the current situation with
you, so please do get in touch.






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