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Income Protection

The cornerstone of financial planning is income protection cover. This form of health insurance is designed to pay you an income in the event of you being unable to work due to sickness, injury or accident. The main benefit is that your standard of living can be maintained in the event of a claim. Any benefits are paid tax-free and continue until you return to work, retire or die, whichever is the earlier. The maximum you are allowed to insure is approximately 65% of your gross salary (net profit for self employed).


You may well have already set up income protection cover so if you want to know if you've got it set up correctly the following tips might help.


At any one time there are over 50 income protection plans available in the marketplace offered by many insurance companies and banks. The market is also very dynamic, with some plans competitive for dentists and vice versa. This seems to change constantly. Seemingly innocent changes to the small print can make a contract uncompetitive for dentists.


There are three specific areas that should be included in your cover:



    We provide management courses at a range of levels: To develop a profitable patient-first management approach Based upon a whole-team quality of care culture Which are delivered by a motivated team dedicated to the success of the practice Which will open the door to increased patient commitment and job satisfaction
    This qualification provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the provision of oral health education by the dental nurse in the workplace. It will cover the following topics: The aetiology of oral disease Practical tips on how to prevent oral disease Health Promotion Planning and evaluating Oral Health Education sessions Resources Infection Control Law and Ethics Your tutor will fully support you through the duration of the course and examination process.
    Purely Practical Treatment Coordination Skills The treatment coordinator role is now established in numerous practices, allowing them to hold on to valued team members who feel they have reached a dead-end in their dental nursing career. In some cases this is because after many years they need more challenging work, or because occupational health issues such as back pain make it difficult from them to continue to work chair side. In the treatment coordinator role these staff can continue to offer excellent benefits for the business, the patients and the dental team.
  • CPD
    No more headaches CPD £100.00 annual subscription for access to all programmes Features of our CPD Options Practical content directly linked to the GDC Standards for Dental Teams Planned and continuously developed throughout the entire CPD cycle Consistent with mandatory and optional content requirements (these terms may change when new CPD guidance is issued following the 2013 Consultation on CPD) Output assessed for patient care and safety Delivered at levels appropriate to the needs of each team role. Choice of learning formats Topics Available: Audit Skills – Quality Management Business Management for Dentists Communication Skills Complaints Management Dealing with Difficult People Decontamination- Quality Management Delighting Patients Employment Law Update Inductions and Appraisals Information Governance Legal and Ethical Issues Leadership and Management Mental Capacity Introduction for new Managers Mentoring in dental teams Personal Development Planning Reception Master Class Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Selling Skills- Front of House Social Media for Dental Practice Marketing Staff Support for Effective Patient Care Team Lead Role for Quality Care All in-house programmes are adapted to meet learning needs Identified within your team
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