On Wednesday morning at 11:00 I will be presenting a webinar along with Sunil
Abeyewickreme, partner in lawyers4dentists. Sunil is a barrister and solicitor with a great
expanse of knowledge within dentistry.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the impact coronavir...

Daily Press Briefing

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab provided todays update. The government has come under
criticism this week after falling short of its target of 100,000 tests per day for the last 5
days, with 86,583 tests being completed in the 24 hours up until 9am...

Daily Press Briefing

Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave todays daily UK government briefing. Yesterday, Sunday, saw 85,186 coronavirus tests completed, below the 100,000 tests-a-day target.

The UK is now in a position to carry out a test, track and trace programme to id...

India’s market takes the biggest opening hit.

Compared with last week’s picture......... Source: BBC


The government announced on Friday they are to introduce the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) which should potentially provide empl...

Daily Press Briefing
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps lead the daily briefing, commenting was that there are
tentative signs we are making progress, as the public adhere to social distancing
measures. The transport secretary says the government are also launching a tr...


The level at which managers are buying shares in their own companies is currently at a five-year high. One interpretation of this is that insiders are confident about the speed and the strength of the economic recovery that will follow all of this. Th...

Daily press briefing was delivered today by Business Secretary Alok Sharma. Stated was that the Government will do everything it can to support business and there will be further news from the chancellor in the coming days. The Business Secretary had a warning for bank...

Last night saw the greatest change to our way of life in living memory as the Government stepped up measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Indeed, many of us received a text message from the Government this morning sent by our mobile phone providers. Current ti...

Daily Press Breifing

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave todays briefing. Top discussion points today from
Mr Hancock were that, now that the UK is past the peak, government are looking at the
restoration of NHS services, announcing today that fertility services will...

Daily Press Briefing

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab gave todays daily briefing. It was again reiterated that lockdown will not be eased until a second peak can be avoided, stating that a second peak is indeed a real risk to life and could result in further economic pai...

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