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 Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers with 38 years of accountancy experience. 


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accountants4dentists is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers with 38 years of accountancy experience. Based in Birmingham, accountants4dentists takes a pro-active and hands on approach to ensuring that all of their clients receive a professional service which is specially tailored to each of them, whilst being fully aware of the financial demands within dentistry.

A respected name within accountancy, accountants4dentists will work closely with dentistry practices to provide a professional service ranging from basic bookkeeping, accounts preparation, tax compliance work, to tax planning, dealing with tax investigations preparing business plans and cash flow projections, securing finance for practice purchase and so on.


accountants4dentists work closely with their sister company, money4dentists, the specialist independent financial advisers (IFA's), who have over 16 years' experience behind them to exclusively advise dentists or partners of dentists. A close working relationship between the 2 practices has grown up, and their shared expertise can only benefit dentists, whether they are principals or associates.

Bally Ark

Bally Ark

Bally graduated with a degree in Money, Banking and Finance from Birmingham University in 1990 and joined BDO Binder Hamlyn. Here he worked on various assignments for small to medium sized owner managed businesses. Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994, Bally moved to Arthur Andersen and it was here that Bally matured into an all-round business adviser.

Why Choose Us

Bally qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1998 and joined the Tax Investigations Practice within Arthur Andersen. Working alongside a team of senior ex-HMRC officers, Bally worked on a large number of cases defending clients against serious enquiries instigated by the prosecution arm of HMRC under Hansard or Code 9. Bally also lectured extensively throughout the UK to Accountants,Lawyers, Bankers and other professionals on dealing with Tax Enquiries by HMRC and Special Compliance Office.

Bally established Ark Associates in February 2003. In 2008, Ark Associates acquired the successful practice Aurora & Co, which widened the client base and staff establishment. As a firm of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers and Registered Auditors, clients of Ark Aurora enjoy the benefits of Bally's "Big 4" expertise, his specialist skills as well as his own experiences of running businesses.

In July 2011, working with Richard Lishman of money4dentists, Bally established a specialist niche Accountancy practice running alongside Ark Aurora. This is a sister company to Richard's already well-established and respected IFA, money4dentists, and will offer a range of services that will complement money4dentists well.


Mark Pearsall FCA

Mark Pearsall FCA

The practice had built up a significant number of dental clients throughout the country and there was a natural synergy when Ark Aurora acquired the business in 2013, thereby expanding the client portfolio of accountants4dentists. Mark brings nearly 30 years of financial experience in the dental sector, whether it's for the new associates or established practice owners.

Mark starter his career at Birmingham based chartered accountants Heathcote & Coleman and qualified in 1981. During his ten years at the practice Mark managed a wide ranging portfolio of clients from small engineering clients to listed companies and a national life assurance company.

In 1987 Mark moved practices to Gompertz Kendall & Co and again managed an extensive range of clients providing business, accounts, tax and audit services. In 1990 he became a partner of the business and by 2003 was the sole owner.


Richard T Lishman

Group Managing Director of 4dentists Group

Richard spends time educating the dental community lecturing around the UK as well as contributing regularly to the dental press on topics such as the Budget to the latest tax and financial changes. Richard is also a member of the Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists (ASPD).

Our Services


Tax Compliance

The tax compliance burden for even the smallest practice is a heavy one.

When you consider practice that has incorporated has to submit a corporation tax return, self-assessment returns for each director and shareholder receiving dividends, year-end PAYE returns, P11D's for all directors and employees earning more than £8,500, P9Ds for employees earning less than £8,500. The list is long and there are deadlines for each!

Let accountants4dentists take the stress out of tax compliance.

Our tax compliance service is second to none and we can guide you through the minefield of the various tax returns, assisting you with the preparation of returns and letting you know well in advance of due dates for submission of returns and payments of tax.

As part of our tax compliance service, and unlike many other firms of accountants, we spend a little extra time looking at your returns to see whether there are any beneficial claims that can be made to reduce or postpone your tax bill. We also work with Capital Allowances specialists to see that you get the full benefit of all allowances you are entitled too.

If you need help with your tax and VAT returns, speak to us about tax compliance.


Book keeping and Accounts Preparation

The experience of running an owner managed business can only really be understood by people who have themselves run their own business. That's why at accountants4dentists we understand the importance of your time and the importance of accurate and up to date financial information.

So why spend hours, days and weeks trying to prepare accounts when you should be running your business?

accountants4dentists can work with you to provide accurate management accounts on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. How many dental practices do you know that can boast their own finance function?

We can also work with you to ensure that statutory accounts are prepared and submitted to Companies House on time and in line with the Companies Acts, avoiding costly penalties.


Your Book Keeping
Tax Compliance

Payroll Services

Whether you have one employee or a hundred, each employee will still need a wage slip, HMRC will still want their PAYE and National Insurance each month, the rules for statutory maternity pay remain the same, you still need to complete year end PAYE returns, provide P60s and P11Ds. Do you really want to spend time dealing with which forms go where and who gets what?

Operating a payroll function can be a time consuming matter and mistakes can be costly. So why not leave it to the experts?

accountants4dentists can operate the payroll function for your practice, taking the hassle out of admin and leaving you to concentrate on running your practice. We can assist you with the provision of wage slips, advice on PAYE/National Insurance, year-end returns and dealing with the paperwork associated with joiners, leavers, fathers, mothers, students, directors and overseas trainees!

Payroll Services

Business Finance and Business Planning

One of the biggest constraints on all practices is cash! Unfortunately, funding is not easy to come by, and whether you are a start up practice looking for set up costs and working capital; or if you are looking to build your practice by expanding your service offering; building your practice through acquisitions and take overs; if you are an associate, working for a practice where the principals are looking to exit - the list is endless and the key factor behind your success comes down to funding.

accountants4dentists can work with you to prepare your business proposition - in the form of a business plan and cash flow projections. We would then canvass our extensive database of venture capitalists, business angels, factoring companies, banks and financial institutions to secure the funds needed by you to bring success to your purchase.


Business Finance

Company Audits and Regulatory Reporting

With the recent increase in audit thresholds, there are over 300,000 companies in the UK that now no longer require a statutory audit. When was the last time you checked whether you were exempt from the statutory audit?

Or indeed, when was the last time you checked whether you were required to have a statutory audit?

The fact is that your bank, your supervisory body, your suppliers, your customers, investors and failing the above, the Companies Act may require you to have your accounts subject to an independent audit.

So why not adopt a firm that can make your audit a seamless bare necessity that is cost effective and undertaken with minimum disruption to your business? By adopting the latest auditing techniques, accountants4dentists can provide the users of your accounts with a meaningful audit report from a firm with a reputation.

And you never know, by letting accountants4dentists into the heart of your business, you may even receive recommendations that add more to your profit than the cost of a lifetime of audits!

Don't know where to start with audits? Speak to us about Company Audits and Regulatory Reporting.



Tax Planning


The rules attached to most of the above taxes change at least twice a year so you need to be pretty switched on to keep up!

In fact, if you were to earn £1 in gross income without any tax planning your loved ones could end up with only 16 pence out of the original £1- the rest being paid away in taxes!

All businesses and individuals need to control their overheads and accountants4dentists are firm believers that the tax cost should be controlled in the same way as other overheads such as electricity and wages.

Almost all commercial decisions have a tax impact and whilst tax should not be the main driver behind any commercial decision, the tax effect should always be taken into account.

With effective tax planning, it is possible to positively increase the benefit of commercial decisions, negotiations and the structuring of transactions. accountants4dentists urge all of their clients to liaise before and during the decision making/structuring process so that the most effective tax result can be achieved.

If you want to manage your tax costs, speak to us about tax planning.



Tax Investigations

Sooner or later, your tax return will come under scrutiny by HMRC. Sleep with this knowledge and conduct your affairs accordingly!

The UK self-assessment tax system relies on individuals and businesses to make accurate and timely returns of income, and therefore tax. What this means is that HMRC have committed resources to conduct random as well as selective enquiries into tax returns.

accountants4dentists understand the strategies, tactics and technical avenues utilized by HMRC in conducting their enquiries and we can offer valuable advice on managing the outcomes of these enquiries.

So, if you are under the magnifying glass, why not contact us to see if the light at the end of your tunnel is sunshine or another man's torch.

If you want to come clean with historical tax problems then please contact us, on an anonymous basis if necessary, for an initial appraisal of your situation.

If you cannot sleep, speak to us about Tax Investigations.



"I have known and worked with Steve for over 8 years now. He's been involved with the planning, marketing and promotion of several of my practices, all of which has had a tremendous success mainly based on the fact that Steve has a good knowledge on the workings of a dental practice. He also has a good grip on what dental treatments are, which is a huge advantage. I would highly recommend Steve if you are interested in marketing and promoting your dental business."

Dr Mitesh Badiani 
Devon Dental Centre of Excellence

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